Genealogy tips and issues

I'm a big fan of new Family Search but there are three major features that are missing by design:

  1. Creating nice family history charts
  2. Finding available names to take to the temple
  3. Exporting family history data
Each of these represent a widespread need and I'm really surprised new Family Search doesn't offer them but apparently the site is geared towards a specific goal and leaves the rest of the features for affiliate tools (that said, I still can't figure out why #2 isn't included by default).

To resolve these issues, I recommend the following:

  1. Tree Seek is a great free service for creating nice looking family history charts
  2. Ancestors Waiting is another wonderful free service that quickly identifies temple-ready names in your lineage
  3. ?? - all I want is a simple web-based or Linux-based application to download my new Family Search data but alas, I can't find a free service that provides that simple task.  Any suggestions?  Also, I wouldn't mind paying a nominal annual fee for securely sharing genealogy work among the members of my family but the GUI needs to be clean and simple.  (AncestrySync looks promising, but doesn't support Linux)


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