As usual, Mac throws up more barriers for developers

For any developer attempting to provide a uniform web experience for their users, testing on multiple browsers is essential.  Too often, I browse to a site that was clearly not tested for Firefox (although it works great in IE, or vice versa).  Most web developers have multiple browsers installed on their machines for this very purpose.  Historically, the most difficult browser to test on was Internet Explorer 7+, since it was only available on Windows operating systems.  Well, it appears Macintosh is now taking its cues from Redmond by dropping Safari 6 support for Windows.

From Wikipedia: "As of Version 6 Safari no longer supports Windows operating systems."


As a Linux-based web developer, not only do I need a Windows virtual machine for IE testing, I now need to buy a Mac (ughh) or jump through hoops to virtualize it (ughh redux).


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