Auto-play CDs and DVDs on Lubuntu 13.10


My multimedia player of choice is VLC.  One of my favorite features is that it supports CD-TEXT.  For some reason, though, when I inserted my CD and Lubuntu prompted me for the application to run and I selected VLC it would play the CD but without the CD text (and it would also be sluggish and jerky for the first couple seconds as it loaded the metadata manually).  Interestingly, if I loaded VLC and then used the Media > Open Disc... option, the CD would load quickly with the CD text.  After a lot of trial and error, this was the workaround that worked well for me:

1.  Open File Manager (PCManFM)

2.  From the PCManFM menu, select: Edit > Preferences > Volume Management

3.  Uncheck "Show available options for removable media when they are inserted"

4.  Click the "Close" button

5.  Open a terminal and type:
sudo apt-get install vlc
sudo add-apt-repository ppa:mati75/spacefm
sudo apt-get update
sudo apt-get install spacefm
echo '@spacefm -d' >> ~/.config/lxsession/Lubuntu/autostart

6.  From the SpaceFM menu, select: Devices > Settings > Auto Run > On Mount

7.  Enter and save: pcmanfm %m

8.  From the SpaceFM menu, select: Devices > Settings > Auto Run > On Audio CD

9.  Enter and save: vlc -vvv cdda://

10.  From the SpaceFM menu, select: Devices > Settings > Auto Run > On Video DVD

11. Enter and save: vlc -vvv --fullscreen dvd://

See this screencast for more info on SpaceFM.

Lubuntu monitor issue (not displaying at high resolution)


I had a weird issue with my monitor the other day.  It was working fine at 1440 x 900 but then I plugged it into a friend's headless server briefly to perform some work and then plugged it back into my computer.  When I did, Lubuntu would only display my desktop in 1024 x 768 resolution or lower.  After a bunch of digging around, I finally found a workaround.

Tseng Kwong Chi


There's something very personal about art and the way it speaks to each person individually.  One of my favorite's is Tseng Kwong Chi