Aurelia: the next revolution


Update: The Aurelia team missed their beta release goal, but these things often happen in the open source world.  I guess we just need to be patient and hope it comes soon.

Update #2: Beta 1 has landed!


I'm almost always wrong with technology predictions (I'm looking at you, SVG) so don't put too much stock in this, but I think Aurelia is going to be the primary contender against Angular 2 and React/Flux.

With the financial backing of Durandal Inc.TypeScript support, a bundling system, and their pseudo-secret Project X (a.k.a. Aurelia Interfacea mobile framework like Ionic), Rob Eisenberg & Team are really working hard to deliver a polished beta in four weeks!

Dumb logo


Am I the only one that thinks Google's new logo looks stupid?  It's like a dumbed-down crayon exercise for kindergartners.  Now, I'm not a typographical elitist that spends weeks debating the nuances of Helvetica, but for crying out loud why would you abandon an iconic and visually appealing "g" for that atrocity?  ...and don't even get me started on the "e" -- it reminds me of Internet Explorer, ughh!