Gift ideas for a security geek


So what do you get your favorite hacker for Valentine's Day? Here's a couple books for the armchair hacker and a couple hardware toys for the serious enthusiast:

Stealing the Network: The Complete Series Collector's Edition

A fictional thread of stories based on factual penetration methods, this series is a favorite among hackers of all levels. Bottom line reviews say if you're new to the series, it's a must-have.

Schneier on Security
A well respected security professional, Bruce Schneier is a good read for those who are serious about better protection and why it's failing today.

USB hardware keylogger with wireless retrieval
Unless you're in the regular habit of checking the back of your computer tower, hardware keyloggers are virtually undetectable (yes, even by antivirus). Unfortunately, unless you have convenient access to the machine, it can be a bit challenging and risky to first install it and then retrieve it. Wireless USB keyloggers are unique in that they allow remote access to the keylog less trip and the risk of detection.

Mini audio/video camera
Spy cameras are always popular among amateur hackers. If small, relatively good video, and audio capture are requirements, this model might fit your needs.