Getting Avira Antivir 10 to play nice with IronKey


Avira Antivir version 10 came with a "feature" that can at times be annoying. Specifically, it detects autorun.inf files and prevents them from running as well as popping up a notice screen:

Now, this is a good thing from a security perspective since many viruses spread via removable USB thumb drives and removable media nowadays. I was a bit disappointed, though, to discover today that my IronKey Basic S200 ships with an autorun.inf file on its virtual CD-ROM Unlocker as well as its Secure Files USB drive root. Antivir defaults to permitting autorun.inf files on CDs and DVDs, but popped up a nag screen every time I unlocked the USB key. Although I can disable the autorun.inf check in Antivir, it seems a bit extreme to ditch this useful feature for ALL drives just because ONE drive is problematic. The solution I came up with gave me the best of both worlds:

1. Install the appropriate file mentioned in the Prerequisites to disable Autorun capabilities section here. Reboot your computer, if prompted.

2. Click on Start > Run and type regedit (then click OK)

3. Browse to HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE\SOFTWARE\Microsoft\Windows\CurrentVersion\policies\Explorer

4. Right-click the area on the right and choose New > DWORD Value

5. Name the registry key NoDriveTypeAutoRun

6. Double-click the key and give it a value of dd (this will disable autoplay/autorun on removable drives, fixed drives, network drives, RAM disks and unknown drives):

7. Click OK to save the value and close the Registry Editor.

8. Right-click the Avira system tray icon and select Configure Antivir

9. Make sure the Expert Mode checkbox is checked in the top-left corner.

10. Expand Guard > Scan > Action on detection and uncheck the Block autostart function checkbox:

11. Click OK to save the change and restart your computer.

12. You're Done! Enjoy using your IronKey USB key with Antivir Avira without nag screens and still having autorun.inf protection.