Pandora alternative: Jango


Tired of constant Pandora ads and pressure to pay for a subscription?  Me too.  Having difficulty wading through all the lame commercial Spotify,, Google Play, etc. etc. etc.?  Save yourself the trouble and just head over to Jango.

You're welcome  :)

AWS - a retelling of The Emperor's New Clothes


Most of us are familiar with Hans Christian Andersen's classic tale The Emperor's New Clothes where an emperor is swindled into thinking he has received a beautiful new suit when in fact he gets nothing and no one is brave enough to admit it.

My experience with Amazon Web Services (AWS) and other major cloud vendors feels like déjà vu.  With so much hype and management pressure and sales pitches with promises of free tiers and effortless scaling, I naively drank the punch like everyone else.

Slowly, painfully, the reports and the realization started to sink in.

I've been wanting to summarize my experience for some time but have found it challenging to describe exactly why the emperor's clothing from AWS seems so removed from reality.  Fortunately, I recently came across this fantastic article by Pedro Sostre that describes it perfectly!  READ IT before committing to any cloud provider!

...whew!  my civic duty and conscience are now complete.

Wasabi - new cloud storage king in town?


Wasabi (code named BlueArchive), a cloud storage provider from the creators of Carbonite, came out of stealth mode today swinging hard at Amazon S3:

Wasabi's storage price point of $.0039 per gigabyte per month and $.04 per gigabyte of network egress (downloads) is significantly cheaper than the large cloud providers and even dethrones the current object storage price champion, Backblaze:

Now, the real question is... can they follow through with their promises?

Welcome to the Borg


"Imagine a world where we're no longer looking up at Tech Titans such as Apple, Google, Microsoft, Amazon, and Facebook, and wondering what it would be like to operate at their extraordinary scale -- because we're one of them."
- LinkedIn (in their merger announcement with Microsoft)