-1 for Gmail


I've been using Mozilla Thunderbird to access my Gmail email via POP for years and suddenly it stopped working.  After a while of frustrating troubleshooting and verifying all my settings were correct, Google sent an email to my backup email address (which many people wouldn't have but thankfully I did) asking me if I've been trying to access my email and notifying me it had blocked access from a less secure email client.  Since Thunderbird uses SSL/TLS this confused me.  It turns out Google is now treating any email client that doesn't support OAuth2 as "less secure".  Sheesh, what a bunch of nonsense!  TLS is perfectly safe.  Anyways, here's the instructions for enabling "less secure access" which is Google's way of trying to scare you into using their lame web interface and force fed annoying ads.

-1 Google  :(