Alt+Print Screen fix for Ubuntu 10.10


I use Print Screen functionality all the time so I was rather annoyed when it stopped working with Ubuntu 10.10. Fortunately, there's an easy fix.

Add Open Command Prompt Here Functionality To Nautilus In Ubuntu


As the title suggest, one super-useful Ubuntu hack is adding an 'Open in Terminal' context menu option. The process for doing so is described here.

Gedit and Git


UPDATE: The Giterdone plugin does not work with Gedit version 3 so I'm switching to Giggle.


Yes, I use Gedit to write source code. No, I don't want to hear about why there are a million other better IDEs to use, Gedit works for my needs and comes default with Ubuntu Studio so I'll leave it at that.

Now that we've moved past that point, the second critical topic to discuss is source control. Although SVN is a popular control system, I use Git since it comes default with Ubuntu Studio and I've used it in the past with GitHub. I've been looking for a nice Gedit plugin for Git integration and ultimately chose Giterdone.

Giterdone is super-easy to install:
  1. Download the zip file of the latest version

  2. Open ~/.gnome2/gedit/plugins   (note: create the 'plugins' folder if it doesn't exist)

  3. Open the Giterdone zip file and extract the giterdone folder and giterdone.gedit-plugin file to the plugins folder

  4. Open Gedit and in the menu select Edit > Preferences and choose the Plugins tab

  5. Check the box next to Giterdone VCS Integration and click the Close button

  6. If the Gedit Side Pane isn't visible, press F9

  7. In the Side Pane, click the last tab at the bottom to display the Repository Manager. If no repositories are listed (or your desired repository isn't listed), open a terminal window (command prompt), browse to your application (e.g. cd /var/www/mywebapp), and then initialize a new Git repository (e.g. git init). Then close the terminal window.

  8. In the Gedit Side Pane, click the middle tab at the bottom to display the File Browser and browse to your desired application (e.g. /var/www/mywebapp)

  9. Right-click any file and you'll see the Vcs options in the context menu.

  10. Enjoy!

P.S. I also recommend installing gitg and Meld for performing more advanced tasks and analysis.