LineageOS Oreo on HTC 10


Android Nougat was giving me grief today so I switched to Oreo:

  1. Use fastboot to install latest TWRP recovery
  2. Use fastboot to install Oreo firmware (I used the first Verizon link)
  3. Use TWRP recovery to install UNOFFICIAL LineageOS 15.1*, micro OpenGapps for ARM64, and Magisk
  4. Verify phone boots normally and install substratum and Default Dark Theme

* Note: I initially got an E3004 error so I had to manually delete the assert check to get it to install on my device.

  • So far, my only major issue is "GPS Signal Lost" errors with Google Navigation (or other map tools, like VZ Navigator), no subwoofer/boom speaker, and poor battery life (which the Naptime app solved).