Data backup solution for home

We all know data backup is important. If you don't feel that way, this post isn't for you (and good luck when BSOD or Gpcode.ak come knocking).

Well in advance of Christmas, I've been doing some online window shopping for an external hard drive and data backup solution. My requirements are:

  1. Network accessible (NAS) - ethernet and eSATA connection
  2. RAID 1 (full mirror data redundancy)
  3. USB printer server
  4. Windows & Linux filesystem-compatible for backup and network file sharing
  5. (hot-swappable drives and encryption would be a nice bonus)
  6. $200 or less (without drives)

My current front-runner is Synology DS209j. It's slower than its stronger siblings, DS209 and DS209+II but it gets good reviews and is feature-packed for future needs.

That said, it's a little overkill (e.g. BitTorrent, iTunes, surveillance, mail server, etc) for my current needs. If you have any suggestions for a better (and cheaper) fit, feel free to leave a comment before Christmas rolls around.

Also, the Western Digital WD10EADS hard drives get good reviews for data backup...your thoughts?

Update: The Patriot CORZA looks promising (review)


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