MTG cards for learning about computers

My sons really enjoy the Magic The Gathering card game so I thought it would be fun to reference it while teaching them a bit about computers:



You can print them out using these instructions (make sure to change layout to landscape before printing).


  • computer case provides electricity (sun mana)
  • you can overclock a CPU for more power but you risk system damage (negative toughness)
  • solid state drives (SSD) are superior to standard SATA/SAS HDD but they cost more
  • a hard drive's top priority is reliability (hence higher toughness over power)
  • the hard drive quote also references the difference between hard drive persistence vs. ephemeral memory
  • memory special ability references scalability of adding more memory to a system to improve performance
  • motherboard is what pulls all the systems together
  • a video card offers "flying" speed and GPU processing is more powerful than CPU processing but at a higher cost


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