Sync Minecraft worlds to multiple Windows machines/accounts using Dropbox

My kids like playing Minecraft but we have multiple computers and laptops and they were asking how to get all their worlds regardless of the machine they're on.  We have a Dropbox subscription but unfortunately the official documentation for syncing multiple folders outside of the single Dropbox sync folder involves creating a Windows shortcut which won't work for Minecraft's Java logic (because the shortcut appends a hidden *.lnk extension so %appdata%\.minecraft\saves becomes %appdata%\.minecraft\saves.lnk and Minecraft won't see it and will create a new empty saves folder).

Fortunately, there's a fairly easy solution (which will work for syncing any number of extra folders to Dropbox):

1.  If you're on Windows 8 or older, install the Microsoft Visual C++ 2005 Redistributable Package (note: 64-bit machines should install BOTH the 32-bit AND 64-bit versions)

2.  Download and install the free Link Shell Extension program

3.  Click Start and in the run box type %appdata%/.minecraft and hit Enter

4.  Click on your Dropbox Desktop icon and click the Dropbox Folder link

5.  Create a folder in the Dropbox folder called minecraft-worlds

6.  Move the saves folder from the .minecraft directory to the new Dropbox minecraft-worlds folder

7.  Right-click the Dropbox saves folder and choose Pick Link Source

8.  In the .minecraft directory, right-click in any blank white area and choose Drop As... > Symbolic Link (accept the Security prompt if it appears)

9.  Run the Minecraft game and make sure your worlds are still available and work as expected.  Then close Minecraft.

10.  Go to another computer and repeat Steps 1-4 (or another account on the same computer do Steps 3-4).

11.  Move the contents of the .minecraft saves folder into the existing Dropbox minecraft-worlds/saves folder then delete the empty .minecraft saves folder

12.  Repeat Steps 7-9

13.  If you have any other computers or accounts, continue repeating Steps 10-12



Hank.Terrebrood said...

Anyone try this running Minecraft under Windows 10?
The files for saves are in \Users\{user}\AppData\Local\Packages\Microsoft.Minecraft{optional storage key tag}

After making the link, I couldn't get Minecraft to launch. I renamed the link and renamed the backup directory to the original and it runs again.

Any ideas as to why this behavior?

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