Stateful containers

Running elastically scalable stateless applications in the cloud is pretty easy nowadays.  Stateful applications, on the other hand, are still a tough problem to solve.  Here are some options I've found for my Drupal use case (feel free to comment on others):

Currently Investigating:

  • Portworx: Currently in private beta; awaiting invitation...

  • Flockport: I like that it bucks the Docker trend and builds on LXC; also, +1 for using Alpine Linux; unfortunately, couldn't get it to work (see related issue #3)
  • Bitnami: Bloated installation process and too pushy on the commercialization angle
  • Kalabox: I couldn't get it to work on Windows (see related issue #210)
  • Deis: Doesn't support stateful applications like Drupal (see #448)
  • Flynn: Doesn't support stateful files (see #1206)
  • native Docker: A little too complicated for standardizing with less-technical individuals
  • LAP Docker: Support model uncertain (single developer)
  • Acquia / Pantheon / Clever Cloud ... : Paid hosting


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