Docker UI-based orchestrators

With all the success and popularity of Docker, I'm surprised at how primitive and clunky the orchestrator and especially the UI solutions still feel.  My current favorite is Rancher but I'm keeping an eye on many other UI-centric solutions:

...let me know in the comments below if you have another favorite.


Unknown said...

I have played with Rancher, Nirmata, Kubernetes, Amazon ECS, and Marathon/Mesos. I liked Marathon/Mesos, but it is quite complicated. Kubernetes was earlier, and I hope it has gotten less complicated. I like their kube-proxy feature the best. I like ECS' integration with ELB but they have a long ways to go still. Nirmata and Rancher are my 2 favorites, but they suck at troubleshooting and Nirmata is cloud-only atm.

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