How to create a Drupal 7 newsletter (with HTML email formatting)

Enable Simplenews (and dependencies):
drush en -y simplenews mimemail mailsystem htmlmail 
drush updatedb 

Configure Simplenews to use HTML format and default send action is to "Send newsletter":

Configure your custom newsletter content type to use HTML format:

Give "Subscribe to newsletters" and "Choose to receive plaintext emails via HTML Mail" permissions to all roles and give the remaining Simplenews permissions to Content Administrators (or other desired role):

Additional secret-decoder-ring configuration: 

Add newsletter subscribe block to desired theme section:

Logout of site and subscribe via block from previous step.  P.S. You can also auto-populate subscribers here:

Login to site and create newsletter:

Send newsletter to queue (by clicking the "Newsletter" tab of the newly created node):

Run cron to process the queue (may need to run multiple times if number of recipients is greater than "cron throttle" setting on /admin/config/services/simplenews/settings/mail):

P.S. It's better to use real cron instead of Drupal's default poormanscron.


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