Tutorial: Installing CyanogenMod on Verizon Droid Razr M KitKat (4.4.2)

Update: CM 11 still has microphone, audio playback, and WiFi bugs so with dhacker29 leaving the CM team, I've switched to his ROM, Gummy, for improved stability.  I've updated the original guide below accordingly:

Update #2: The speakerphone issue has been fixed and WiFi issue has been fixed on both CyanogenMod and Gummy.  Also, since Motorola support appears to remain strong on CyanogenMod, and it includes Privacy Guard (not found on Gummy), and the Gummy ROM OTA update process is currently broken, it's probably best to stick with CyanogenMod for now.  I've reverted the original guide accordingly:

Update #3: There continues to be WiFi and GPS issues using the KitKat bootloader so you'll need to downgrade to the JellyBean bootloader and install the _jbbl version of the nightlies instead (for example, see bug MC-39).  I've updated the guide accordingly

Update #4: The latest Verizon OTA update (183.46.15) patched the rooting capability of the towelroot exploit described below.  If you're starting with a stock Razr device, this guide won't help.  If your bootloader is currently unlocked, see this guide for regaining root access.

Update #4b: Some users are reporting success with kingroot for rooting the device but still no word on a reliable method to unlock the bootloader...

Update #5: This somewhat outdated guide is useful for switching from the Verizon stock OS to Cyanogenmod but if you already have a rooted phone or are already running Cyanogenmod and you want to upgrade to version 12.1, use this guide (the key is to use TWRP, install SuperSU when prompted in the recovery reboot process, and to use TK GAPPS [I like modular micro]).  Once installed, make sure to enable root and reset GPS.  Also, here are the Xposed instructions if you need them (get the latest xposed-v*-sdk22-arm.zip and XposedInstaller_3.0-alpha*.apk files here).  And don't forget to choose a cool theme (I like Euphoria Dark)


So you've heard about this great utopia of milk and honey where your smartphone runs faster, uses less battery life, gives you more control, and provides more frequent updates and you want to try it out yourself.  Awesome.  But before we dive into that adventure, you must swear with an oath to obey the:

~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~

Ten Commandments of ROM Flashing

  1. Thou shalt have no other ROMs before CyanogenMod LineageOS
  2. Thou shalt not proceed if thy exact device and Android version is not listed at sbf.droid-developers.org
  3. If thou knowest not what thou art doing, thou shalt not do it
  4. Remember thy backups, to keep them holy -- if any warning screen says "CANNOT BE UNDONE", cancel, create full (nandroid) backup, then continue with action.
  5. Thou shalt charge thy smartphone completely (100%) before attempting a ROM flash
  6. Thou shalt not kill thy smartphone by skipping steps, ignoring warnings, tl;dr, voodoo programming, shotgun surgery, panicking, etc.
  7. Thou shalt not commit adultery by installing zip, img, bin, etc. files from another manufacturer, device, version, or random outdated forum post onto thy device
  8. Thou shalt use the manufacturer's official USB cable (OEM)
  9. If thy device is Motorola, thou shalt use the Motorola version of fastboot
  10. Thou shalt give praise and thanksgiving to the many brilliant hackers that have made all of this possible!
~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~

Now that we've established the ground rules, it's important to understand the technical terminology.  Read all of this post before moving on with the guide below (see Commandment #3 and #6).

Regarding Commandment #7, the following device terms are equivalent for the purposes of this guide:
  • Smartphone model: "xt907", "Droid Razr M", "Razr M", and "msm8960" (Note: the "Razr HD" device is similar enough to the "Razr M" that you're generally okay with files for that device as well)
  • Android version: "KitKat", "KK", "4.4.2"
~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~


Okay, if you've made it this far you're pretty committed to doing this.  So, without further ado:

A. Gain root access (similar to "jailbreak" on iOS devices)

1. On your phone, go to Settings > Security & Screen Lock
2. Check Unknown sources and (if exists) uncheck Verify apps (click OK on any security prompts)

3. If Settings > Developer options doesn't exist, go to Settings > About Phone and scroll down to the bottom.  Tap Build number seven times to enable developer mode

4. Go to Settings > Developer options, enable it if disabled, and check USB debugging

5. Open a web browser and download towelroot: https://tinyurl.com/khf62jr  [mirror]  {credit: geohot}
6. Click OK on the security warning to download.
7. Go to your phone apps and click on Downloads
8. Click on tr.apk and click Install and then Open
9. Click on the make it ra1n button.  You should now have root access!

10. Open a web browser and download Root Checker: https://tinyurl.com/ppg9cj7  {credit: CMDann}
11. Click the Verify Root Access button and make sure a green checkmark appears

12. On your phone, go to Settings > Location and turn Location ON (say Yes to any prompts that appear)
13. Open a web browser and download GPS Test: https://tinyurl.com/puwhtue  {credit: Chartcross Limited} and wait until "Accuracy (feet)" is greater than 0 (may take a few minutes; faster if you're outside with a clear view of the sky).  Note: this is NOT an optional step.  Activating GPS prior to flashing the ROM is required (see explanation here).
14. Congratulations, you're ready for the next phase!

B. Unlock the Bootloader

1. Open a web browser and download Moto-pocalypse: http://goo.gl/ioGJDo  [mirror]  {credit: djrbliss}
2. Click OK on the security warning to download.
3. Go to your phone apps and click on Downloads
4. Click on Motopocalypse.apk and click Install and then Open
8. Click on the Unlock Bootloader button.

9. Hold your power button and select Power off to turn off your phone.
10. Wait a few seconds for your phone to restart (if it doesn't, hold your power button down until it starts).  Your phone should display this message:

11. Congratulations, you're ready for the next phase!

C. Install device drivers

1. On your PC, download the latest Motorola drivers:

2. Connect your phone using the manufacturer cable (see Commandment #8) and make sure the device is recognized and you can browse the phone contents.
3. Congratulations, you're ready for the next phase!

D. Install custom Recovery image

1. Hold down power, volume up, and volume down buttons simultaneously.  When the device powers off, let go of the power button but keep holding down the volume up and volume down buttons until the bootloader screen appears.
2. Quickly press the volume down button until AP Fastboot is highlighted and then press the volume up key.
3. The screen should now be in fastboot mode and should say Device is UNLOCKED. Status Code:3.  At the bottom of the screen it should say usb connected

4. On your PC, download the Motorola version of fastboot (see Commandment #9) {credit: mattlgroff}
5. Extract the fastboot file for your operating system to somewhere in your PATH.  For example, on Linux:
  • chmod +x fastboot
  • sudo mv fastboot /usr/bin/
6. Open a terminal command prompt and type fastboot devices
7. You should see something like   {SERIAL NUMBER}   fastboot
8. On your PC, download the Razr HD/M Recovery image: http://goo.gl/keFZNy  [mirror]  {credit: dhacker29}  Update: some individuals have reported issues with installing the latest version of CM11 using the Clockworkmod (CWM) recovery mentioned in this step.  If you have trouble, try using the Team Win (TWRP) recovery image (TWRP- instead: http://d-h.st/nw4  {credit: dhacker29}
9. In a terminal command prompt, browse to where the image file is located and then type fastboot flash recovery CWM6049-RAZR-HD_M-KITKAT.img
10. Hold down power, volume up, and volume down buttons simultaneously.  When the device powers off, let go of the power button but keep holding down the volume up and volume down buttons until the bootloader screen appears.
11. Quickly press the volume down button until Recovery is highlighted and then press the volume up key.
12. Your phone will boot into recovery mode:

13. Congratulations, you're ready for the next phase!

E. Create full device backup (a.k.a. "nandroid")

1. Use your volume down (or volume up) button to highlight backup and restore then press your power button to select it
2. Use your volume down button to highlight choose default backup format then press your power button to select it
3. Use your volume down button to highlight tar + gzip then press your power button to select it
4. Use your volume down button to highlight backup to /storage/sdcard1 then press your power button to select it
5. A full backup of your device will be created and stored on your SD card
6. Use your volume down button to highlight +++Go Back+++ then press your power button to select it
7. Use your volume down button to highlight mounts and storage then press your power button to select it
8. Use your volume down button to highlight mount USB storage then press your power button to select it
9. Your PC should now detect your phone.  Open the clockworkmod/backup/ folder.  Move the backup folder you just created (date timestamp may be off but that's okay) to your PC for safekeeping.
10. Use your volume down button to highlight +++Go Back+++ then press your power button to select it
11. Unplug the USB cable from your PC
12. Press the power button and let go.  The phone will restart.
13. Congratulations, you're ready for the next phase!

F. Factory reset

1. Now that you have a full device backup, it's time to perform a factory reset of your phone.  This will ensure any previously encrypted partitions are deleted, permissions are reset to factory defaults, and no previous phone settings or installed applications will interfere with the CyanogenMod install.
2. Follow these instructions to reboot into safe mode and then follow these instructions to reset your phone to factory settings (note: if the phone goes into a bootloop, just hold down the power button and both volume buttons simultaneously until the screen turns black and then release the power button while still holding the volume buttons and then when the boot menu appears, use the Volume Down button to highlight "Factory" and press the Volume Up button to select it.  Once the phone loads normally, turn it off and then back on again.) 
3. Follow these instructions to reformat your SD card
4. Due to this bug and other various GPS and WiFi bugs with the KitKat bootloader, follow these instructions to downgrade your phone to Jelly Bean (4.1.2) ...P.S. it's just the bootloader that will be running JellyBean, your actual phone OS will eventually be running KitKat (4.4.4) once you complete this guide
5. Re-do Section A above (gain root access)
6. Congratulations, you're ready for the next phase!

G. Install CyanogenMod

1. Connect your phone to your PC via the USB cable and browse to the SD card
2. On your PC, download the latest CyanogenMod snapshot with JellyBean bootloader
3. On your PC, download the desired Google Apps 4.4.4 image (I prefer the "Micro Modular" package)
4. On your PC, download the stock Motorola boot logo image: http://goo.gl/YYmG2f  [mirror]  {credit: aviwdoowks}
5. Copy the zip files from steps 2-4 to your phone's SD card
6. Unplug the USB cable from your PC
7. Hold down power, volume up, and volume buttons down simultaneously.  When the device powers off, let go of the power button but keep holding down the volume up and volume down buttons until the bootloader screen appears.
8. Quickly press the volume down button until Recovery is highlighted and then press the volume up key.
9. Once your phone boots into recovery mode, use your volume down button to highlight wipe data/factory reset then press your power button to select it
10. Use your volume down button to highlight Yes - Wipe all user data then press your power button to select it
11. Use your volume down button to highlight advanced then press your power button to select it
12. Use your volume down button to highlight wipe dalvik cache then press your power button to select it
13. Use your volume down button to highlight Yes - Wipe Dalvik Cache then press your power button to select it
14. Use your volume down button to highlight +++Go Back+++ then press your power button to select it
15. Use your volume down button to highlight install zip then press your power button to select it
16. Use your volume down button to highlight choose zip from /storage/sdcard1 then press your power button to select it
17. Use your volume down button to highlight stock.boot.logo.flashable.zip then press your power button to select it
18. Use your volume down button to highlight Yes - install ... then press your power button to select it
19. Use your volume down button to highlight choose zip from /storage/sdcard1 then press your power button to select it
20. Use your volume down button to highlight cm-11-2014... then press your power button to select it
21. Use your volume down button to highlight Yes - install ... then press your power button to select it
22. Use your volume down button to highlight choose zip from /storage/sdcard1 then press your power button to select it
23. Use your volume down button to highlight pa_gapps-modular... then press your power button to select it
24. Use your volume down button to highlight Yes - install ... then press your power button to select it
25. Use your volume down button to highlight +++Go Back+++ then press your power button to select it
26. Make sure reboot system now is highlighted, then press your power button to select it
27. Your phone will reboot, the Motorola logo will now display (instead of the annoying "Bootloader Unlocked" nag screen), and CyanogenMod will begin loading.  Be patient -- may take up to 10 minutes to load for the first time.

Congratulations, you've installed CyanogenMod on your Razr M!

Note: If CyanogenMod doesn't load after 10 minutes or you run into any other problems (e.g. bootloop, etc.), you can always start over by re-flashing your device back to factory settings.

In a follow-up post I'll describe some recommended settings and apps.


  1. This walkthrough is excellent. I was able to install cyanogenmod without any installation issues. Only issue I am trying to figure out is why the phone says my phone number is unknown. I cant make any phone calls or do any texting as it sits now. Again not a problem with the walkthrough though.

  2. Many thanks for this useful guide. I followed the instructions to a T and everything worked perfectly for me. You rock man!

  3. thanks again for this. worked perfectly.

    something strange is going on though. when i got stock 4.4.2 up and running today the date was stuck at 17/04/1970 and i couldnt change it. i couldnt log into google either or when i tried to use the browser a the pages wouldnt load, even though my wifi was connected.

    so i figured id just go ahead and try out cyanogenmod thinking it might get rid of it but the bug is the same. i still cant log in to google, but the webpages are loading, only they display a security warning every time i load a new website. is any body else having this problem?
    there seems to be a few people having the same problem with razr phones but i thought cyanogenmod would be using a different version of android and not have the same bug

  4. Hi Dave, sorry but I haven't run into that issue before. It sounds like your device can't access an Internet time server. You also mentioned you couldn't change it -- was that in your phone's "Settings > Date & time" section? My recommendation is to focus on why it can't access Google. Perhaps try on a different network (like a coffee shop or fast food lobby)?

  5. I get the error "Unfortunately, the process com.android.phone has stopped." and if I hit OK it just pops back up over and over.

  6. Hi zonahbear, that's one of Android's generic errors so we don't have much to go on for troubleshooting, but you might try a different Cyanogenmod nightly or a previous snapshot. Do you get the error after the phone has booted or when it's installing Cyanogenmod?

  7. why can't we " wipe data/factory reset" using the recovery? Would'nt that be easier?

  8. Hi Saeed, wiping with a custom recovery won't work if you've enabled encryption on your stock phone so I decided to post instructions that would work for every case (otherwise yes, wiping via recovery is easier).

  9. Amazing! My rooted Razr M, SV-98.18.94.XT907, AV-4.1.2, Build-9.8.1Q-94 does not meet the starting requirements. How do I proceed? Do I flash KK 4.4.2 using RSDLite v6.1.6? Any help would be greatly appreciated. Thanks so much for the detailed info!

  10. Hi John, as long as your phone is a Razr M, is rooted, and your bootloader is unlocked, the process described above should be fine (just skip to Step C)

  11. how can i downgarde from 183.46.15 to 4.1.2
    alwase after downgarde see bootloader unlocked page and phon reboot

  12. Hi Muhammad, try this guide to reset your phone to factory settings: http://mrbluecoat.blogspot.com/2014/07/tutorial-restore-verizon-droid-razr-m.html

  13. pls help i want to downgrade and its fail now i cant flash gpt sbl1 sbl2 sbl3 modem just flash recovery bot logo and system and image and now my phons touch screen dont work pls help
    say that sending 'partition' (32 KB)...
    OKAY [ 0.013s]
    writing 'partition'...
    Battery Low!!
    FAILED (remote failure)
    finished. total time: 0.272s

  14. Mr. Blue Coat

    it is saying the downloads in step D 8 is not available could you direct to new image

  15. Hi Justin, try using the [mirror] link instead

  16. hello the towelroot says this phone isn't currently supported what can I do?

  17. Hi Muzonda, Motorola has patched the towelroot vulnerabilities. You'll need to wait for another brilliant hacker to find and release another root exploit.

  18. i got my phone motorola razr m upgraded to kitkat 4.4.2 ...but the date and time got stuck in 1970's .... none off the apps are working ,,, not event the root app is wotking pleASE SUGGGEST A solution

  19. Hi Hussam, do you get any errors when you restore to stock 4.4.2? http://mrbluecoat.blogspot.com/2014/07/tutorial-restore-verizon-droid-razr-m.html

  20. pls....Mr blue coat......am from Nigeria..... I really love your idea and good explanation..... but I don't know what am doing wrong.....I have tried each step.. . not working.....I also tried the PC method.......ii use a droidrarz hd

  21. Hi Ikeh, which step is failing? Any errors messages or other clues?

  22. Mr. Blue Coat, when I ran towelroot it said this phone isn't currently supported. But I'm running version 183.46.10-- not 183.46.15.

    I thought it was still possible to use towelroot with the earlier version. Please advise.

  23. Hi Ben, make sure you're using the latest version of Towelroot. I think my mirror is v1 but the official website has v3. If that doesn't work, I'm not sure what to try since 183.46.10 should work.

  24. From the latest I've been reading,Towel Root only works if your Kernel Version Date is before June 3, 2014, regardless of whether the system version is 10(instead of 15). Mine is July 29.

  25. Interesting post for .15 owners: http://forum.xda-developers.com/showpost.php?p=59926941&postcount=454

  26. Hey I need to install 5.0 lollypop in my xt907 183.46.15
    Plz tell e the full procedure to unlock it's boot loader and how should I upgrade it
    I also hv root acces

  27. Hi Koko, unfortunately you can't unlock the bootloader on .15 at this time

  28. good to hear there is 12.1 available on xt907, even is nightly. many thanks for your sharing.

  29. i cant unlock my bootloader with motopoclypse neither i can root using towelroot it says device not supported my system version is 183.46.10 plz help me out with this

  30. Hi Shayan, that is the only method I know of. Perhaps try the CyanogenMod forums?

  31. Hi Shayan, as you indicated, kingroot (http://forum.xda-developers.com/android/apps-games/one-click-root-tool-android-2-x-5-0-t3107461) appears to work for rooting the Razr M but there are no bootloader unlockers that I know of: http://forum.xda-developers.com/showpost.php?p=62590819&postcount=724

  32. Hi Mr blue does this process work on xt912
    Cos The bootloader won't unlock

  33. Hi Daniel, you're right -- I've added an "Update #4b" in my guide above.

  34. mr.blue183.46.15 no se puede? q sabes de algunos desarollos gracias

  35. (unlock Bootloader)
    this method is not working on my xt907

  36. Hi M Hassan, it's probably because you're on the latest .15 OTA update, which has no known bootloader unlocking method currently.

  37. Hello Mr. Blue Coat. Any solution by now to unlock bootloader XT907 183.46.15

  38. Mr. Blue Coat, I'm back.
    I decided to continue past root and unlock.
    I believe I have installed custom recovery TWRP2710-RAZR_M-KITKAT.img
    The link for it does not work presently.
    Is there a way that I can check that check that a recover image has been flashed?
    Also section D steps 6 and 9, after typing fastboot devises, result {serial number} fastboot, would I then have to browse to where the TWRP recovery image is located, then type fastboot flash recovery TWRP2710...?
    I don't understand the two steps, fastboot devises and fastboot flash, must one precede the other.
    I am 90% sure I have already done this b/c on my phone there is a TWRP folder containing 2 successive backups from 2014.
    I want to be sure and make a current backup using the TWRP recover image.
    I appreciate your expertise and willingness to help us with our Razr M's.
    And lastly, what cyanogenmod rom would you suggest, there are a lot of choices and I fear I will make the wrong choice.

  39. Hi John, thanks for the heads up. I've updated the link for the TWRP recovery version that I used. Based on your provided filename, it sounds like the recovery image you have is newer and should work fine as well. For step 9, you would simply update my provided command with your recovery image filename. For example, for my TWRP recovery image I typed: fastboot flash recovery TWRP-

    Then follow the remaining steps to reboot into recovery mode and you should see something like: https://1.bp.blogspot.com/-_2-ssa1pryY/UyvlZshEFJI/AAAAAAAAA8k/58lOOoXbJjA/s1600/TWRP+2.7+Install.png

    I hope that helps!

  40. P.S. The Cyanogenmod version I'm currently running is "12.1-20160402-NIGHTLY-xt907". The latest nightly should be fine for your needs: https://download.cyanogenmod.org/?device=xt907

  41. Mr. Blue Coat, I did not get the expected result in Step D numbers 6-7 SERIAL NUMBER fastboot. Instead I got usage: fastboot option command followed by two lists including commands and options. I see the command flash partition filename but do not want to proceed with flash b/c of the missing serial number. Using cmd I navigated to snapdragon-fastboots/Windows/AdbWinApi.dll & fastboot.exe and typed fastboot devices. From this description can you tell me where I messed up. I have the moto drivers because I could see the phones directories and the moto sys tray ap came up. However once the phone entered fastboot, the phones directories are no longer accessible.

  42. Mr. Blue Coat, after placing the Team Win Recovery Project v2.7.1.0 image file into the Motorola version of fastboot/Windows folder the fastboot devices command worked providing the serial number. Flashed recovery successfully. Entered Team Win Recovery and selected Backup to external_sd, I see the backup file name includes the serial number and wrong date. no worries. However, when time allows could you post the TWRP instructions for creating a full nandroid backup. I selected Backup and its chugging along now, but I did not see default backup format or tar + gzip. Perhaps those specifics are default in TWRP? What are the mounts and storage options in TWRP? They each MAY have been "buttons" or options on the TWRP front page but I decided to choose back up fist. I have no problem reflashing if that's what it takes to create a full nandroid. Thanks Mr. Blue Coat, this is really fun and I cant wait to get closer to flashing custom roms

  43. Mr. Blue Coat, I was at Step F factory reset. I unchecked Backup my data and Automatic restore. I skipped all updates and offers during phone first boot. Bootloop followed by Factory followed by turn off and turn on. Phone opened with default screen. Formatted sd. Then attempted to flash JBVRZ_XT907_9.8.1Q-94-1_CFC (which is a bunch of files). I opened cmd terminal and navigated to snapdragon-fastboots/Windows/AbdWinApi.dll & fastboot.exe. I also pasted the JB folder mentioned above into this folder. Then I was able to complete the first command fastboot -w. Second command, fastboot flash sb1 sb1.mbn came back as error: cannot load sb11.mbn. I failed to flash the JB bootloader. Currently I am pasting TWRP recovery images back to the SD and will try to boot to recovery, select latest image and see if I can get back to previous phone status. Why did fastboot commands fail? Have I done something wrong in the path? Thanks Mr. Blue Coat.

  44. Hi John, it's been a while since I flashed my phone so I may be of limited help here, but once you get your phone booting normal from your nandroid backup let me know your Android version and Build number (in settings)

  45. Thanks Mr. Blue Coat. I returned to Android 4.4.2 rooted and unlocked bootloader state. That was the first time I used TWRP recovery and am impressed with the simplicity and control.
    I believe I was miss reading the instructions, typing SB11 instead of correctly typing SBL1 (the font tricked me).
    My build number is KDA20.62-10.1
    System Version is 183.46.10.XT907.Verizon.en.US

    When I get time this weekend I will retry the procedures listed at your other page to begin flashing the latest prepare for flashing latest cyanogenmod version as suggested in your other tutorial (Restore Verizon Droid Razr M KitKat 4.4.2)
    Question, is there risk flashing nightly versions that say "without recovery"? If not, is that function always performed by my TWRP nandroid bringing the phone back to its present state (Android 4.4.2)?
    Thanks again Mr. Blue Coat I appreciate your patience and knowledge.

  46. Mr. Bluecoat. While performing Step F Factory Reset TWRP Teamwin pannel pops up on phone and did something? I missed exactly what. Was that supposed to happen?

  47. Mr. Bluecoat, in step F-4 it mentions that after flashing 4.1.2 to the boot loader exclusively that the actual phone OS will eventually be 4.4.4. My TWRP nandroid was 4.4.2. so in my case I would not eventually be running 4.4.4? No worries either way. I just could not find anywhere in instructions for this eventual KK 4.4.4. And I intend to flash cyanogenmod and recover (if needed) with my TWRP nandroid of my current OS. Thank you Mr. Bluecoat.

  48. Mr. Bluecoat, I completed step f without errors. pasted the 3 zip files from step G 1-7. When attempting to enter recovery the phone throws the dead android with red exclamation point. Is this because I use TWRP and the phone is looking for missing TWRP/Backups/"SERIAL NUMBER"/"backup folder"?
    Please suggest a work-around or ask for phone details.
    The phone will boot back to Android 4.1.2 if I wait at the dead android.

  49. Mr. Bluecoat You Rock! Along with the pages you have provide here and the cyanogenmod wiki I figured I had to install a raw twrp recovery I had saved from long ago (TWRP- You might update your instructions or tell me what I missed. I still have the original nandroid backup of my phone at 4.4.2 to fall back on, but cyanogen mod is such a cool and enlightened rom I think I have finally found my phone.
    Curious, what about the future of unlocked boot loaders and root access on other phones. Are there a list of Motorola phones you prefer to upgrade to in the future, or are you still using your Razr M?

  50. Hi John, I know the feeling! Two years ago I felt the same way as I experienced CyanogenMod on my Motorola Razr M for the first time. My phone has been superb for my needs all these years but lately has begun to slow down quite a bit and I've been planning on upgrading soon to a Samsung Galaxy S7: http://www.stechguide.com/root-galaxy-s7-and-install-twrp-recovery/

  51. P.S. Before any of my readers buy an S7 based on my comment above, know your limitations by reading http://www.xda-developers.com/galaxy-s7-bootloader-lock-explained-you-might-not-get-aosp-after-all/

  52. Update: After further research, I decided to go with the HTC 10



  53. Cm11 wifi not working any help?


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