Temporarily convert bike helmet to caving helmet

So a friend invites you to go caving but you don't have a headlamp...what to do?  Well, you could just bring a flashlight and carry it around with you but that would remove an available hand for climbing, steadying, etc. and it will also get the flashlight pretty dirty (especially if it's a muddy cave).  My solution was to attach a couple small flashlights to my bike helmet (which you should be wearing anyways for protection):

1. Find or buy 2 mini LED flashlights, preferably with an on/off switch at the rear and grooves in the handle:

2. Take some wire (I used two bag twist-ties and tied their ends together) and loop them around the flashlight handle and put the ends through a hole in the side of the bike helmet so the light source is pointing forward:

3. Break a Popsicle stick in half and tie the wire around it tightly (the stick prevents the wire from falling back out of the helmet hole):

4. Place some tape (I used electrical) over the wire and stick so it doesn't rub against your head:

5. Put the helmet on and try it out in a dark room to verify the light source focuses generally in front of you and has the desired brightness.  Then, add additional tape on the outside for additional stabilization:

6. Repeat the process for the other side of the helmet:

7. Enjoy your temporary caving helmet!


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