Famo.us falls flat

After all the excitement, hype, and promises, Famo.us launched this week....sort of.  They had yet another private, exclusive launch with a private, exclusive party while the pitiful 78,000 rest of us had to sign up for a hope to perhaps one day touch the Shroud of Turin.  Ugh.

The backlash was immediate and well deserved.  My favorites:

I'm even more confused now. I looked at their other repos and there is a smattering of information to be found in "Guides". None of the demo links work except for the mobile page that someone posted below.
There's nothing on the actual website except a login and when i register I'm "76882 in line".
If I try to access the documentation (http://famo.us/docs), I'm told I need to be a developer and I can't access it.
A resounding meh, I've wasted 10 minutes trying to work out how this thing works and what I can do with it. Some other kind folks have provided CodePen links, but back to work for me.

It's pure hypeware, after 3 years of development and 5+ millions in VC funding they cant set up a simple gh-page with a basic tutorial and example on launch day... Big backlash against this framework starts in 3,2,1...

...for the rest of us real developers with real deadlines and a real need for real products, I'll stick with my Pixi.js, thank you very much!

P.S. It's not a direct comparison, but here's a Pixi/Phaser version and CreateJS version and Famo.us version of the annoyingly popular Flappy Birds game.


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