Creating a gapless (disc-at-once) audio CD in Linux

1.  If you've created a mix in Audacity, follow these instructions for labeling and then exporting the tracks in WAV format

2.  Once you have the WAV tracks, run this script to prepare the Table of Contents:

echo "CD_DA" >> toc && for file in *.wav ; do echo "TRACK AUDIO" >> toc; echo "FILE \"$file\" 0" >> toc; done
3.  Once the toc file is ready, burn it (at a slower speed for higher quality):
cdrdao write --speed 4 toc

P.S. If you need to create a non-stop gapless CD with a data track, use these instructions.

P.P.S. If you need to create CD-TEXt, use these instructions.


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