Useful PHP force-download script

It seems there are a million force-download scripts out there for PHP.  Most people will agree that mod_xsendfile is the way to go, but if your web host won't support it (for example, it may conflict with NFS), check out

P.S. If you use the second script and need to download Mac dmg files, I recommend you first wrap the dmg file into a zip file and have users download the zip file instead of the dmg file directly since the force download script may add a small amount of of binary data to large files and alter the md5 fingerprint.  

Update: this turned out to be an issue with Drupal interjecting error messages into the binary download stream.  Make sure to turn OFF error messaging if using Drupal (see

Update #2: the in-memory chunking method described above is still prone to failed downloads, especially on large multi-gigabyte files, when using a slow Internet connection or when there is heavy network congestion.  The best approach is a variation of (I recommend using the at command to delete the symbolic link a couple minutes after creating it rather than a cron job that deletes it a day later).  



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