Famo.us no-likey AngularJS

Update (3/26/14):
"[Famo.us] can be integrated with modern MVCs including Angular.js, Ember.js, and Backbone.js.  We work with Meteor.js and we work very well with Firebase. We can work directly with jQuery as long as you don’t do any DOM manipulation in it.

"It should be noted that while I've publicly said I don't prefer Angular's techniques (which I don't), it is important that everyone know that I believe my personal viewpoints on this matter must be trumped by the bigger need to integrate with things that other people do like. 

"At Famo.us, we have a culture of being empathetic to developers and I intend to abide by this culture regardless of my personal opinions.

"My opinion of Angular is also flexible. I also want everyone to know that I think there are ways to improve Angular because it has many concepts that I think are brilliant."
- Source: Famo.us FAQ  (see also FAQ Part 2)

In regards to JavaScript library compatibility and support with Famo.us, Steve Newcomb (co-founder) said:
"Angular - no way, Backbone - we hope, Meteor - we really hope"

Link to specific time in presentation (53:00) relevant to the quote above: https://www.youtube.com/embed/83MX4wsoMzU?start=3180

Full presentation:


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