Connect Motorola Razr M (JellyBean Android) to PC for file transfer

When I connected my new Motorola Razr M smartphone to my Lubuntu PC for the first time, it detected the device as a CD-ROM:

When I clicked OK to open, it simply contained a Windows installer program:

After some detective work, I found the solution to be simple:

  1. Slide your finger from the top of smartphone screen downward to reveal status messages.
  2. In the list you will find "Connected as a media device".  Tap on that option and you will notice it is connected by default as "Media device (MTP)"
  3. Instead, you need to tap on the (non-intuitive) "Camera (PTP)" option
Lubuntu will now detect the smartphone as a storage device:

Click OK (ignoring any "initializing camera" errors).  You will then have your SD card and smartphone internal storage listed as "XT907" in File Manager:


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