Dual-boot Lubuntu 12.10 and Windows XP with RAID 1

I recently purchased the GA-78LMT-S2P motherboard with (FakeRAID) AMD SB710 software RAID support.  Here are my notes for getting it to dual-boot Windows XP and Lubuntu with RAID 1 (mirror):

1. Install two hard drives of same size on SATA2 connectors 0 and 1 (DVD-ROM drives installed on SATA2 connectors 4 and 5)

2. In BIOS, set "OnChip SATA Type" to "RAID" and follow the motherboard manual instructions in "Chapter 4 Appendix"

3. Create slipstreamed XP Pro 32-bit install disc with RAID drivers using nLite

4. Install Windows XP (create a partition with half the available disk space for install)

5. Install drivers (chipset, video, lan, etc)

6. Verify Internet connection works and download files mentioned here to a usb key or burn to a cd (note: for convenience, I've bundled all the files into a single archive).  You'll use these files later for the Linux setup.

7. Restart and boot from Lubuntu 64-bit PC alternate install disc (make sure it's the alternate version and not the LiveCD Desktop version)

8. Select "Install Lubuntu"

9. Select your language > location > no to detect keyboard > English (US) keyboard > English (US)

10. It will warn you that no network interface is detected.  This is expected since the Atheros GbE (AR8161) LAN chip drivers are not yet included by default with Ubuntu 12.10.  We'll fix this in a later step.  For now, select Continue.

11. Set hostname > full name > username > password > choose whether to encrypt home directory > set time zone

12. Lubuntu will detect the RAID configuration.  Select Yes to activate the RAID devices

13. Select "Guided - use the largest continuous free space"

14. Review the settings and then select Yes to write the changes to disk

15. Leave proxy blank and select Continue

16. When prompted, remove CD and reboot

17. The grub bootloader should now show Lubuntu and Windows XP.  Select Lubuntu and login.

18. Copy all *.deb files from step #6 above to /tmp

19. Open a commandline terminal and run: cd /tmp && sudo dpkg -i *.deb

20. After installations complete, reboot and verify Lubuntu can now connect to the Internet

21. If necessary, update the GRUB boot order and timeout: http://askubuntu.com/a/110738


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