Father's Day gifts for a geek

Anyone who's looked at more than one post on my blog knows I'm a tech geek. Most fathers look forward to a barbecue, pool party, and football on Father's Day. Me? Books.

Sad, I know.

That point aside, I was pleased to get a couple noteworthy additions for my collection:

SVG Essentials by J. David Eisenberg. This is the best reference manual (aside from the standard itself) that I've read on SVG (scalable vector graphics). Although published in 2002, nothing earth-shattering has changed in the SVG standard so it's still a good buy. Note: if you're just a casual fan of SVG or curious in the book but don't want to fork over hard-earned cash, O'Reilly has graciously released the book online for free. Yes, I liked the book (and especially the appendices) that much that I paid good money for a free book.

P.S. For the cash-strapped avid SVG fan, another free resource is a 2003 downloadable ebook called Learn SVG by Jon Frost, Stefan Goessner, and Michel Hirtzler:



High Performance Web Sites by Steve Souders. It's pretty rare to find a best-seller tech book. Most books in that genre are very specific to a technology or small group of devoted followers. Either way, it's usually outdated by the time it's published so gaining enough sales to earn the respected title of "best-seller" is an impressive feat indeed. So, it is with no small understatement when I say this book is one of the best books for any web developer, network admin, or IT professional. The advice and techniques are just as practical now as they were in 2007 when the book was published. Steve followed that success with an equally awesome second volume follow-up called Even Faster Web Sites in 2009:


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