SVG 1.1F2 (Second Edition) milestone

Update: SVG 1.1 Second Edition is now an official W3C Recommendation.

FYI, the W3C team recently promoted SVG 1.1 Second Edition to 'Last Call Working Draft':

"This Last Call ends on 2 June 2011. The document has been republished as a Last Call Working Draft primarily for the community to validate changes we have made in response to previous Last Call comments. The Working Group expects to progress this document to Proposed Recommandation [sic] after the Last Call comment period, and is not expecting to make substantive corrections. New issues raised against the document will be handled as errata and subsequently incorporated into future editions of SVG 1.1 or into SVG 2.0."

Although a number of cleanup housekeeping issues were resolved or updated, the biggest disappointment in the proposed list of changes was the rejection of word wrap (issue #2332). SVG fans will have to wait 1.5 - 3 years for SVG 2.0 to deliver that. Booooo!

Update: SVG 1.1F2 was upgraded to 'Proposed Recommendation' on June 9.


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