Chocolate Pallete

I'm a big fan of dark chocolate so I was extremely pleased when my wife bought me Trader Joe's Chocolate Pallete - a collection of single-source dark chocolate samples from around the world. Although some chocolate artisans have turned down their noses and some regular shoppers have balked at the $10 dollar price tag (nothing compared to the $45 Pralus Pyramid), I for one want to come to come to its defence and say I enjoyed the experience. The flavors were distinct and comparing them to the #1 rated limited-edition Amedei Chuao (which is fantastic and also received for Christmas), I thought the Papua New Guinea bar compared favourably.

Bottom line: if you're a devoted fan of dark chocolate (70% content or higher) and you don't drive a Lamborghini, this product is worth the experience.

Update: After trying the last four bars, I've decided that the overall quality is actually sub-par and I wouldn't recommend the set for general dark chocolate fans.


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