Beware the Ford Escape Hybrid (2005-2009 models)

I'm a big fan of hybrid technology.  I'm a big fan of supporting American products.  I'm a big fan of taking family vacations.  I'm NOT a big fan of having my American-made hybrid SUV suddenly SHUT OFF WITH NO WARNING WHILE DOING 75 MPH ON THE HIGHWAY!  My family and I could have been killed while the Ford Motor Company refuses to recall or warranty an obviously defective hybrid component.  If anyone is considering buying the 2005-2009 Ford Escape Hybrid SUV, read this and seriously think twice before buying!

Update: Ford finally issued a safety recall for this issue: 14S19.  Take your hybrid to your nearest Ford dealership and they'll replace the defective Motor Electronics Coolant Pump (MECP) for free (or possibly reimburse you for a previous repair).


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