Normalizing all my audio files with ReplayGain

ReplayGain is a nice standard for normalizing the volume levels in your audio files.  Unfortunately, each audio format has its own library and tools to use it.  For example:
  • ogg vorbis: vorbisgain
  • mp3: mp3gain
  • aac (possibly also mp4 audio, m4a, and whatever other extensions Apple uses): aacgain
  • flac: metaflac --add-replay-gain
  • wavpack: wvgain 
Fortunately, I came across a nice tool called rganalysis that applies Replay Gain to all your audio formats at once.  To install:
cd ~
sudo easy_install -U plac
sudo easy_install -U quodlibet
sudo easy_install -U mutagen
git clone git://
cd rganalysis

To test, try something like:

./ --dry-run <path to music>

To run, use:

./ <path to music>

The full set of command line options can be found here.

P.S. Audacious is a nice audio player that supports ReplayGain by default.  Also, to convert wav files to flac, use the following command:
flac --best *.wav
P.P.S. If you just want to normalize all audio for any audio player (actually modifying the audio file waveform), you can use normalize:
normalize-audio *


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