Annoying Dojo 1.5 syntax error

When running Dojo 1.5 locally on a brand new project, bootstrap.js threw 11 errors in Firebug:

SyntaxError: syntax error
(601 out of range 505)

It turns out some Dojo components are looking for internationalization js files in folders called en and en-us instead of the root of their nls folders (where the files exist).

To fix these errors, you need to create the en and/or en-us folder and copy the referenced js file from the parent folder into them. For example, in the screenshot above I had to create a folder called en-us in my DOJO_ROOT/dijit/form/nls folder and copy the DOJO_ROOT/dijit/form/nls/validate.js file into it: DOJO_ROOT/dijit/form/nls/en-us/validate.js

I had to repeat the process for all 11 missing js folders/files. Annoying, but I hope the workaround helps someone else having the same issue.


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